The Predictive Index’s 2021 People Management Report found the top three skills employees value from their managers are confidence, communication and honesty. The takeaway? Those who listen and act on what they’ve heard, bring out the best in them.

Empathy, self-awareness and emotional intelligence have become catalysts for engagement and a positive workplace experience. With all this being said, managers are in a delicate position. Their role has never been more challenging and complex. Beyond managing their teams and projects, managers now also need the skills and capabilities to build psychologically safe environments that make employees want to stay.

As the nature of work evolves, with a manager’s role now so different than it was before, the way we train and develop both aspiring and current managers needs to be supported by a new approach. And this is where Red Wolf Academy can help. Our Manage with Confidence program has been specifically designed to equip managers with the tools and frameworks that actually stick in the workplace. One where human skills meet business skills.

We do this through the application of our 3 C’s Framework:

Capability: Managers who demonstrate and increase their capability possess a growth mindset

Competency: A competent manager not only understands the nature of their role but the needs, skills and strengths of those around them

Credibility: Managers who are credible, approach management with high ethics and equity

We know it can be hard to motivate busy and overworked managers to learn something new. Our solution is to take them on a guided learning journey where they are encouraged alongside a group of peers to complete the course, remember what they’ve learnt and apply it back at work.

So, what does this learning journey look like?

Unaware to Aware:

Participants often start their journey unaware of the expectations of them, and that there are tools and frameworks to equip them in their roles. We introduce them to these concepts and the reasons behind the topics of focus.

Aware to Understand:

Through facilitated group discussions and workshops, participants share lived experiences and ideas. They start to become aware of the concepts and frameworks that improve their capability to manage work.

Understand to Embody:

To help embody their learnings and apply them to their own teams and workplaces, each participant takes part in one on one coaching. They establish goals and act towards achieving greater confidence as a manager.

Embody to Confident:

Participants engage in applied learning through reinforced project work, supplemented with tools and templates that take the guesswork out of post learning application. Change is felt, seen and heard within the cohort as they integrate the learning across all aspects of the business.

Ultimately, managers are in a unique position to drive both employee engagement and retention. Reach out to the Red Wolf Group to give them the structure and tools to do so!