The essential leadership course designed for managers and leaders that are using the Predictive Index

Embark on a transformative Leadership Odyssey, a journey of growth, discovery, and triumph for new and existing managers. Like the ancient Greek hero’s epic voyage, our Leadership program empowers you to uncover the true depths of your leadership potential and develop the essential skills and insights that will propel you forward on your managerial expedition.

Guided by experienced mentors and equipped with a comprehensive toolkit, you’ll navigate the ever-changing landscape of leadership with a like-minded cohort, honing your abilities to inspire, motivate, and empower your team and take your Predictive Index knowledge to the next level.

As you progress with the Leadership odyssey, you’ll

✔ Gain self-awareness
✔ Discover what drives and motivates you as a leader.
✔ Develop the capability to recruit and onboard the right talent
✔ Forge meaningful connections with your team members
✔ Learn how to effectively communicate and influence others
✔ How to deliver feedback, engage in coaching conversations, and skilfully navigate conflicts that may arise within your team.

Your Leadership Odyssey is not just a training program but a voyage of growth and self-discovery over a 12 month period with a like-minded cohort of managers and leaders. Grow your network, learn from, and build connections with participants in the Odyssey program in similar and different industries to you.

As you journey through this immersive experience, you’ll unlock the potential within yourself and your team, transforming into a trailblazing leader who can navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our program is delivered using The Predictive Index (PI) and requires an active organisation license with Red Wolf Group. If your organisation doesn’t have an existing PI License, see our Manage with Confidence program.

modern skills training for MANAGER growth and LEADERSHIP  development


Gain insights into your own drivers, motivations, and leadership style, allowing you to better understand themselves and their impact on the workplace

Recruitment and onboarding

Develop the capability to identify the right candidates for specific roles, conduct effective interviews, and successfully onboard new team members, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal team composition

Team motivation and engagement

Increase your ability to understand, connect with, and motivate team members towards achieving individual and collective success. Learn strategies to foster a positive and engaged work environment.

Conflict management

Acquire skills to effectively manage and resolve conflicts that may arise within your team, promoting collaboration, understanding, and positive working relationships.

Coaching and development conversations

Improve your capability to coach team members and engage in meaningful development conversations, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth within your team.

Feedback delivery

Become equipped with tools and frameworks to deliver feedback in a constructive and impactful manner, promoting growth, development, and performance improvement among your team members.

Communication and influencing techniques

Learn effective communication strategies and influencing techniques to convey ideas, goals, and expectations clearly and persuasively, gaining the support and commitment of your stakeholders and team members.

Understanding and navigating team dynamics

Develop higher levels of understanding, appreciation and trust with your team. Gain clarity around the needs that drive individuals behaviours and develop a stronger appreciation for different workstyles.

Participants of the Leadership Odyssey emerge with the practical knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate their managerial responsibilities with greater proficiency, leading their teams towards success and achieving their personal and organisational objectives. You will gain and retain access to our Odyssey Alumni.

Leadership training to enhaNce leadership and management skills

Odyssey is designed for individuals who have been, are stepping into, or aspire to be in managerial and leadership positions.

Join Odyssey if you want to:

✔ Enhance self-awareness of your own workplace drivers and motivations, enabling you to align personal and team goals.

✔ Develop the capability to recruit and onboard the right individuals for each role, ensuring team success.

✔ Understand, connect with, and motivate team members to perform at their best.

✔ Cultivate effective communication and influencing techniques to foster a cohesive and engaged team.

✔ Equip yourself with the tools and frameworks to deliver constructive feedback for growth and development.

✔ Enhance your coaching skills to facilitate high-performance and meaningful development conversations.

✔ Manage and resolve conflicts within the team using appropriate techniques.


12 Modules

12 Months

Transferable skills that last a lifetime


Your Teams Strategy

Empower yourself to identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses, build a shared vision, and gain commitment from your team to achieve strategic goals. You’ll master supporting your team in stepping out of their comfort zones to succeed.


Development Plans

Gain confidence in creating effective development plans by assessing individual skills, setting actionable goals, and fostering continuous growth. Discover the purpose and importance of development planning and how to encourage ongoing learning


Coaching Conversations

Learn how to have impactful coaching conversations that meet your team members’ needs and drive their development. You’ll identify coaching needs and facilitate productive coaching discussions with ease.


Designing Roles in your team

Become skilled at identifying gaps, aligning job roles with strategy, and designing positions that meet your team’s needs using PI insights. Collaborate with stakeholders and create compelling job advertisements


Interview Skills

Master the art of interviewing with techniques that help you ask the right questions and reduce bias to find the best fit for your team. Conduct different types of interviews and engage in active listening with confidence.


Ensuring Successful Onboarding

Create tailored onboarding plans that set clear expectations and provide ongoing support for new hires. Focus on making new hires successful by preparing them thoroughly and integrating them smoothly into your team.


Explore Your Team Dynamic

Build strong relationships, understand team dynamics, and make informed decisions to lead your team effectively. Learn to build trust, credibility, and predict changes in team dynamics with confidence.


Effective Feedback

Master the art of giving and receiving feedback to improve team performance and foster a culture of growth. Use frameworks and techniques for delivering constructive feedback confidently.


Navigating Communication Styles

Enhance your communication by adapting your approach, managing different styles, and developing practical communication skills. Understand how to deal with various communication styles using PI insights.


Delegate Effectively

Develop the skills to delegate tasks effectively, understand delegation of authority, and use PI to enhance your delegation process. Learn the principles of delegation and delegate efficiently with confidence.


Reward & Recognition

Understand and implement personalized reward and recognition strategies that boost team morale and performance. Measure the impact of your rewards and recognize individual contributions effectively.


Handling Conflicts

Handle conflicts objectively, address them promptly, and focus on future solutions to maintain a harmonious team environment. Learn effective conflict resolution techniques and maintain team cohesion.

Leadership Odyssey 12 Month Program


$2990AUD + GST

per person

Leadership training delivered through monthly hands on workshops and our online training platform, Ruby

With an exclusive cohort of up to only ~16 participants you will connect, network and learn alongside like-minded leaders and managers in industries different to you.

Monthly 2-3 hour hands-on workshops held with your cohort. Embed your learnings, ask questions, role-play scenarios and get live support on the challenges you are facing.

‘Skip ahead’ with Ruby, our online platform that allows you access any module, any time with tangible and practical information and strategies you can apply instantly.

Ongoing support from our team on your leadership journey.

The Leadership Odyssey program program delivers an interactive and engaging learning experience like no other through monthly workshops and our online learning platform, Ruby.

Ruby ensures that you can seamlessly dive into interactive modules, captivating videos, insightful readings, and thought-provoking quizzes that bring your learning to life anytime, anywhere, and on any devic

Ruby, a micro-learning platform is your compass on this transformative journey, guiding you through each step with ease. Discover a wealth of resources carefully curated to enhance your understanding and application of managerial skills.


“It’s been great [through Odyssey] to understand how I can better communicate with people and actually put it into practice”

“I really liked being able to hear from other people in other businesses the challenges they were facing and how they are going about solving them”

“Multiple sessions spread across months means you can actively practice the skills you are learning as you go”

“Finally some practical tools on how to recruit and interview better”

“[Odyssey] gave me the opportunity to rediscover skills that I forgot about”

“When I started I felt like I had to do everything on my own but through the program I can delegate and coach more effectively”


When can I join?

Odyssey is an ongoing program and the workshops usually occur in the middle of each month. You can join Odyssey at any point provided you have done the pre-work required.

What are the payment terms and how can I pay?

We require payment before enrolment to grant you full access to the program. We will issue an invoice and payment can be made via direct transfer or credit card (2% surcharge for credit cards).

What pre-work is required?

1.PI Fundamentals
You need to have completed basic PI training to read and interpret your team’s PI results. This can be through previous PI Certification or our 1-Day ‘Elevate’ program.
If you haven’t done either, you’ll need to complete the “Science Behind PI” online module in Ruby, which takes about 3 hours. If you need a refresher, this module is available to all Leadership Odyssey participants.

2.Get the PI Behavioural Assessment results for your team.
If you are a longer term client of Red Wolf Group, there is a good chance your team has already done their Behavioural Assessment. If not, you’ll need to ask them to complete it. Reach out to our team at if you need help.

How long are the virtual group sessions each month?

Once we receive your payment, you will be invited to 12 months of training. The virtual sessions last 3 hours, including a refresh break. Facilitators will guide you through concepts and activities, encouraging group collaboration and sharing.

What if I miss a group training session

All core learning content is available in Ruby, so you can continue your journey even if you miss a session. We encourage you to attend every virtual workshop to embed learning and address real-life scenarios.

What if a topic is relevant to me now, but the training is months away?

You can access and complete relevant content and activities in Ruby at any time. We still recommend attending every monthly group training for additional activities and discussions.

What’s included when I enrol?

  • Invitation to the next 12 months of virtual group training sessions
  • Access to Ruby, our Learning Management Platform
  • A digital, editable PDF workbook with practical advice for managing each team member
  • PI Fundamentals training for confidence in the science of PI and reading Behavioral Assessments
  • A post program Competency Assessment to reflect on your learnings from the program

On your end:

You need access to PI from your Account Owner (usually your CEO or HR). Ensure you are set up as “Account Admin” to navigate the system freely.

What if I need additional support outside of training?

If you’re needing some additional support throughout the course, you can always reach out to your team and we can assist you with your questions or specific scenarios. Your organisation is a client of Red Wolf Group so we are here to assist. For those seeking to accelerate their management development, we offer access to our Executive Coach. Contact us for more information.

Ready to embark on the Odyssey Leadership Course?

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