Have you ever attended a training program or a conference and felt instantly inspired? Ready to make a positive change, only to forget about what you were learning within a few days?

You’re not the only one. In fact, it’s a neurological phenomenon conceptualised by a psychologist in the 1880s. Hermann Ebbinghaus studied the retention of information in humans and in 1985 formed his famous theory. Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve. Essentially we forget information faster than we acquire it, under particular circumstances.

And we have been forgetting for a long time!

Would you be shocked to know that after only 1 hour of acquiring new knowledge, we actually forget over 40% of the information!

No wonder the biggest challenge Learning and Development departments face is the age-old ROI on programs! Everyone is forgetting what they learned before they hit morning tea! L&D professionals are literally pushing training boulders uphill and getting nowhere. It’s not their fault it purely comes down to our brains working against us!

Never fear! There are ways to mitigate this illusive forgetting curve and it all comes down to application. We will discuss this in more detail in other posts. For now, let’s look at how we, at Red Wolf Group, manage this volatile forgetting curve into high retention through our learning wheel.

Our learning wheel is built on a deep evidence-based understanding of adult learning principles. People need autonomy, context, purpose, and fun to form the motivation to learn. That’s right – FUN! Learning situations need to be person-centred and contextualised. They need to be relevant, practical, and provide space for creative solution-focused outcomes.

Our learning wheel is divided into 4 parts to help move learners through each stage, retain information, and challenge the forgetting curve!

  • Unaware to Aware = Building knowledge of what is. We look to theories, concepts and academia to develop our models and approaches to concepts.
  • Aware to Understand = Through activities, group discussions and workshops, we help you understand each concept from multiple perspectives. We use highly interactive tools in our workshops to get participants to build their understanding of concepts. We also will be providing post-workshop resources via an online platform “Red Wolf Academy”
  • Understand to Embody = Post workshops, participants will get one-on-one coaching from our experienced team of accredited coaches to embody their learnings and apply them into their own teams and workplaces.
  • Embody to Confident = Through our Business Improvement Lab Groups, you start to apply the concepts, learnings and understandings into real-life situations which benefit the business.

If you want to experience our learning wheel, reach out for more information on programs we offer!